Ti-Tree Oil

Natures Secret from NZ


Ti-Tree is the common name for Leptospermum scoparium and Kunzia ericoides also known as Manuka and Kanuka.

The therapeutic properties of the Manuka Ti-Tree plant were identified by the Maori people centuries ago and only now in the past two decades’ modern science has shown that their uses were legitimate and that the active ingredients in the Manuka oil contain a complex mixture of some 120 natural compounds.

Kanuka oil possesses an entirely different chemistry mainly of monoterpenes which provide decongestant, antiseptic and warming properties.

Energetically, it is believed that Manuka represents the feminine, sometimes described as the “Mother oil” and Kanuka the masculine, also known as the “Father oil”.  Manuka has a wonderful ability to calm and support the nervous & musculoskeletal systems while Kanuka strengthens the ‘stress-axis’ by supporting the function of the hypothalamic adrenal cortex and our physiological as well as our physical and emotional responses to stress.


Our Ti-Tree Oil is one of nature’s secrets from New Zealand containing powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that help combat skin irritation and infections including acne-causing bacteria.

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